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It's Nicole with a 'Hey' not a 'Ha' on the Haber

Nicole Haber is a Gender Fluid/Pansexual emerging Electro-Pop-Punk artist from Toronto, Canada, whose audience has been massively expanding, reaching more than 500K listeners worldwide and accumulating over 1.7 million streams across platforms. 


Nicole has worked as a Singer-Songwriter and Topline Recording Artist with an array of international DJs, Producers, and Artists such as Ryan Worsley (award-winning, Juno-nominated producer), Baker Grace (a multi-million streamed recording artist), and Setou & Senyo (highly successful and sought-after deep house DJ/producer duo). 

The artist is known for their quirky, spot-on relatable lyrics and high-energy Dance-Pop production, which can be found on top tracks like Poison, selected as one of the best songs of the year in 2022 by CBC Music, and Nicole's quarter-life crisis anthem, 25, which CLOUT described as a "pure pop bop". The artist has now shifted gears, moving into the Pop-Punk world, while still keeping their Electronic roots. Drawing new inspiration from P!nk, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Olivia Rodrigo. 

One of Nicole's strongest attributes is their ability to lighten up a room and own the stage, by using their honest, confident and infectious personality as a performer. This has been showcased on stages across Ontario, including a SOLD-OUT Headlining show at Bar Cathedral (2024), Toronto's 2023 Pride (alongside iconic and influential Canadian female artists, Rêve and Lights), Winter Song Fest (2023), and touring with the Canadian Food Truck Festivals (2022). The artist has also been consistently supported by renowned local venues, such as The Rivoli, Horseshoe Tavern, and Supermarket, the city of Toronto's official stages, and the Women In Music Toronto Showcases. You can catch Nicole rotating on local and international radio stations (Serious Betty, Wish USA 107.5, Radio Humber, OVERVIEW) or featured on playlists, blogs, and charts worldwide (Tinnitist, EXCLAIM'S: The EH! List, Out Loud Culture)

Nicole is currently working on their first album and hopes to show fans an authentic, bold, badass side. 

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